Keeping Up With Kim Kardahsian’s Baby Bump: Kim’s Post Baby Weight Loss

There has been a lot of speculation this week about how Kim Kardashian is losing her post pregnancy weight.  While some are suggesting extreme dieting, Kim tweeted that she is losing the bump through good old-fashioned exercise.

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim and mom Kris decided to bond over the idea of eating Kim’s placenta during a family meal.

And in other Kardashian news, Lamar Odom’s father Joe Odom spoke out about his son’s rumored disappearance.

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  • Wassim Amine
    Wassim Amine


  • Javonda Mori Dit Omar
    Javonda Mori Dit Omar

    Some people will believe anything! No one is going to lose 40+ lbs in a months time. It's unhealthy. She didn't do it with plain old good old fashioned exercise. Why do you think the woman wasn't even so much as photographed or seen on her publicity loving Mama's TV show? People please!!?!!

  • harrystylesloves

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