Lady Gaga Previews New Rock-Pop Single, 'Swine'

Leave it to Lady Gaga to sing about pigs.

In a new rehearsal video, the singer gives fans a preview of her single "Swine," the latest off her hotly-anticipated ARTPOP album, due out Nov. 11. Unlike the dance-pop feel of her first single "Applause," Gaga's new song gets into a rock-heavy groove.

The teaser shows Gaga seated at a keyboard — and playing the drums — as she belts out:

"I know you want me/ You're just a pig in a human's body ... Squealer, squealer, squeal out!/ You're so disgusting/ You're just a pig inside/ Swine."
The singer also tweeted other lyrics from the tune: The one-minute clip is just a taste of what Gaga has in store for her headline appearance on Monday at London's Roundhouse as part of the month-long iTunes Festival.

She shared the track snippet along with a predictably provocative photo of herself posing with someone wearing a metal pig gas mask along with the message, "REHEARSAL PIC #SWINEFEST #GETREADYTOSQUEAL."

Watch the video, above.

Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.



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