Lauren Conrad And I Had A Fine Chat Last Night, She May Hook Me Up With Some Wedges

Last night, we stopped by POP SUGAR and Malibu Island Spiced’s bash at the Mondrian Hotel, hosted by their newest spokesperson, Lauren Conrad.

I’m a big fan of Conrad’s LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s, but I want to know where the eff those amazing black wedges have gone.

“The black ones? Oh, those are from years ago!” Conrad said.

Yeah, but could you bring them back?

“We update the style, but I don’t think we’re going to bring them back. We wouldn’t repeat a style.”

What about a classic capsule, just for moi?

“I could probably find a pair for you?” She said with a look of pity in her eyes.

“I love them. I still wear them.”


We then talked about cocktails, and how she mixed the good stuff with coconut water to stay hydrated.


“You hydrate all night. I usually try to incorporate coconut water or water into a beverage. You’re supposed to a glass of water between every drink, but if you’re at a long dinner, you’re not really paying attention.”

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