All You Need in This Life: Zac Efron, a Rescue Kitten, and Today’s Winning Captions

I don’t know, guys. Will we ever top this photo of Zac Efron with a kitten on his shoulders? Odds are against it; perhaps we should all just call it a day. We had a good run. Anyway, it’s better to go out on top. Life may not be worth living anymore, but as a parting gift, here are today’s winning captions:

“I dont know who’s more cute him or the kitten!!” – Ebony

“See all i have to do is look at them and i can get a little p*ssy” – Jessica

“Are those muscles I feel? Ooo how purrr-fecccttt!” – Debbie

“You’re the cats meow!” – Katy

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