Could These Bowl Cuts Have Inspired Alicia Keys’ New ‘Do?

Gasps were likely let out at breakfast tables across America when Alicia Keys debuted a super-shorn bowl cut during her performance on Good Morning America Friday.

Where did she come up such a shocking ‘do? Well, the bowl cut — a.k.a. a helmet haircut or mushroom cut — is nothing new. The hairstyle is exactly what its name suggests: a style where the hair is cut short, evenly from the bangs to the back, as if someone put a bowl on the head and trimmed all the visible hair.

For many Americans, it’s a look reminiscent of pre-teen boys back in the 1980s, a fad that thankfully faded by the mid ’90s. But it’s safe to say that when Alicia sat in her barber’s chair, she didn’t ask for a middle schooler’s dated ‘do.

So who, then, inspired her new bowl cut? We’d like to think it’s one of these hairdos.

Vector, from Despicable Me

Mr. Spock, from Star Trek

Jim Carrey, in Dumb & Dumber


Karen O.

Kid Gohan, from Dragon Ball

Moe Howard, in The Three Stooges

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