Miley Cyrus Strips Down Yet Again, Discourages Fans From Acting

She really can’t stop.

Just a day after releasing her raunchy Bangerz album art, Miley Cyrus’ risque shoot for Notion magazine has been released. In the spread, the “We Can’t Stop” crooner is seen (yet again) baring her body in a series of revealing getups, leaving very little to the imagination.

As for the accompanying article, the 20-year-old also didn’t hold back as she unleashed a tirade on Disney and those that made her into an international sensation by casting her as the lead in Hannah Montana.

“People are like ‘what’s your advice to young people that want to be actors’ and I’m like ‘don’t do it’ because you need to enjoy being a kid. People don’t realize but with so many responsibilities you hold an entire company on your back and you’re a kid so you’re supposed to f**k up,” she said.

“Then when you do, it’s the head of the company that ends up getting letters from a thousand different people and that all comes down on him which then comes down on me. I don’t think any kid should be responsible for their personal life representing a company as big as that.”

This wasn’t the first time Cyrus bit the hand that fed her. Earlier this summer, she accused her former employer for preventing her from maturing as a teenager.

They try to make someone not grow up but you can’t do that to real, normal people,” she told Daily Star Sunday. “If I’m doing something I’m going to do it right but then once I’m away from it I’ll do it my way.”

Even if that means she has to twerk her way to the top.

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