‘Palo Alto’ Trailer: James Franco Is Looking For Trouble

For James Franco, we guess there’s no place like home.

The Oscar nominated actor returns to his childhood town of Palo Alto for the upcoming film based on his collection of short stories, Palo Alto Stories. Palo Alto is written and directed by Gia Coppola, and its just-released trailer exhibits plenty of symptoms of a dreamy coming-of-age indie.

Franco portrays a high school soccer coach who strikes up an inappropriate relationship with one of his students, an angsty Emma Roberts.

Scenes of suburban dissatisfaction are alive and well in this trailer. See: sullen girl in a pool, hand out a car window, troubled teen getting drunk and disorderly. The credit fonts are trés cool and it’s all set to the ethereal soundtrack of Devonte Hynes and Robert Schwartzman. Emma Roberts says blankly, “I wish I didn’t care about anything.”

James Franco also looks like total sleazeball, but his character is probably misunderstood, right?

Watch Palo Alto’s trailer, above.

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