Lady Gaga Is Taking Her ARTPOP Train To The Nail Salon In ‘Manicure’

Lady Gaga has done it again. And by ‘it,’ I mean she’s released another slew of videos meant to lure fans into tuning in for tomorrow’s kickoff performance of the iTunes Music Festival.

It was only the day before yesterday that the world first heard ‘Swine.’ Now, Gaga is treating her little monsters to ‘Manicure’ (found above) and ‘Sex Dreams’ (found below). Naturally, she’s also been tweeting a ton of song lyrics, some of which are, for a lack of a better word, awesome.


I’ve gotta say, both songs are a refreshing throwback to her rock’n’roll roots. It’s also nice to see that she’s wearing her best sex hair for the ‘Sex Dreams’ rehearsal. And who doesn’t love a good sex dream?

If you like what you see, make sure to catch her tomorrow via iTunes. She’s already told The Sun that she’ll premiere seven new songs throughout the performance.