From ‘Blurred Lines’ to Baby Cambridge: 8 Things That Defined Summer 2013

Alas, the end of summer is unofficially upon us.

That means it’s time to bid adieu to all that Hollywood buzz of the dog days past — from the good, to the bad, to the Sharknado.

Here’s a lookback at the season that was:

Twerking: In truth, it’s nothing new. The dance move was born in 1993 from DJ Jubilee’s classic “Do the Jubilee All,” in which he chants, “twerk baby, twerk baby, twerk, twerk, twerk.” But now two decades later, “not a ratchet white girl” Miley Cyrus decided twerking was cool, drove it into the American consciousness, and single-handedly sparked a dance phenomenon — one so controversial that it even got high school students suspensed. The cherry on top: The Oxford Dictionaries Online has picked up twerk as an official word. Kudos, Miley.

North West: Born from one of the most-watched pregnancies across the world (second only to Kate Middleton’s), Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s spawn has been all the talk for months: from family dinner tables (come on, we’re all guilty), to the mainstream media, to grandmother Kris Jenner’s talk show. Now that we’ve finally gotten a first glimpse at the cherub, maybe the chatter will die down. But, don’t hold your breath for that.

“Blurred Lines”: Robin Thicke’s song of the summer (featuring T.I. and Pharrell) has reigned No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks now — and still counting — despite criticism that it’s “kind of rapey,” a claim that points out the tune’s refrain “I know you want it” and its controversial music video featuring strutting naked (apart from beige thongs) supermodels. But naysayers didn’t throw off Thicke: he kept tongues wagging when a near-nude Miley Cyrus twerked (see above) all over him at the MTV VMAs. (See the song’s actual lyrics on Directlyrics.)

Beyoncé’s Hair: It was the haircut heard round Hollywood when Beyoncé chopped her beautiful (if weave-boosted) lion’s mane into a blonde pixie cut. But just a week after debuting the new ‘do, Queen B traded in her shorn locks for an angled bob — thanks to some subtle extensions. The look became so instantaneously iconic that when Rita Ora showed up at the MTV VMAs with a sleek bob, Twitter thought it was Beyoncé.

Prince George: After months of waiting with baited breath, the world welcomed the future King of England with much pomp and circumstance in July. Prince William and wife Kate Middleton’s first child, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, may just be one month old, but he is already third in line to the throne, bumping Wills’ bro Prince Harry down the line of succession. Party on, Harry!

Amanda Bynes: Summer was a rough ride for the former child star: an arrest, an ongoing DUI case, a series of bizarre behavior all swirled into an all-too-public downward spiral. As the media followed her every footstep, Amanda became the name on everyone’s lips, some mercilessly having a laugh at her misfortune, others simply worried about her well-being. Her downfall was halted when she arrested in late July and placed on 5150 psychiatric hold, which has since been extended. Now she remains under her the temporary conservatorship of her mother Lynn Bynes. Get well soon, Amanda.

Sharknado: “There are sharks flooding the streets!” — but it wasn’t even shark week. It was Sharknado: A Syfy made-for-television movie about a super tornado that lifts sharks out of the ocean and spews them across in Los Angeles became a cult craze overnight. It was ridiculous, hilariously and brought back Tara Reid. What can TV watchers want? A sequel, apparently.

Lindsay Lohan: She’s back — and, maybe, better than ever. After completing her court-ordered, three-month stint in rehab, the actress lined up her comeback: a guest-hosting gig on Chelsea Lately, a serious sitdown with Oprah, and a cameo on Danny McBride’s R-rated sitdown, HBO’s Eastbound & Down. We’re rooting for you, Lilo.