Peace, Love, and Winning Captions From Azealia Banks, the Rapper Who Could’ve Had It All

Azealia, Azealia, Azealia, what are we gonna do with you? For a brief moment, you were so fun, so exciting. We thought, “Is this girl the antidote to our Nicki Minaj woes?” We wanted good things for you, and we expected good things from you. But then something happened. It’s been nearly two years since the fantastic “212,” and all we have to show for it, really, is one very messy Twitter feed.  Well, we also have today’s very good winning captions. “Finally hearing Azealia’s debut album” good? At this point, close enough:

“Dude looks like a lady. Lol” – Nikki

“Gurl fix them brows.” – Nick

“I invented this hand gesture, I call it “HEY GIRL!!!”.” – Daleena

“Ayyy miley loved your vma performance.” – Darren

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