Why Can’t Daniel Radcliffe Hold All of Today’s Winning Captions?

In that outfit, Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe, you look less like you’re attending a film premiere and more like you’re trying to sell me a car. (I live in New York. I do not want a car. Please stop pestering me.) Also, I am reminded of (Invisible) Limes Guy, but that could just be because I spend a disgusting amount of time on the internet. I really should stop. Maybe, one day, I will. But not before sharing today’s winning captions:

“For the last time, no I do not want to enter your chamber of secrets!!” – Grainne

“where the f*** is Ron?” – Alisha

“The hills are alive, with the sound of music!” – Devon

“where’s my broom i don’t like walking, walking is for muggles” – Sophie

“I’m playing ken in the next Barbie movie..do I look plastic enough ?” – Merin

“1 2 3… Jazz hands!!” – Marium

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