Maria Shriver Squashes All Those Jack Nicholson Retirement Rumors

Is Jack Nicholson retiring from acting? Will that signature smirk never grace the big screen again? Could his final film really be that forgettable Reese Witherspoon-led romcon?

You want answers? Well, we want the truth. You can’t handle the truth!

Actually, we can — because this time the truth is Nicholson, 76, isn’t calling it a day on his acting career.

After RadarOnline stirred the Twitter pot Wednesday with a report that the three-time Oscar winner is retiring due to “memory loss,” NBC’s own Maria Shriver took it upon herself to clear the air.

Shriver told E! it’s all a bunch of hoo-ha: Nicholson is not suffering from any memory-loss related medical condition, nor is he planning to take his final bow from acting. In fact, a source even says that the legendary is actively reading scripts at the moment.

Jack-pot! (Sorry.)

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