Talk to the Hand, ‘Cuz Today’s Winning Justin Timberlake Captions Don’t Wanna Hear It

“No, please, don’t take my photo! I am dressed up in a dapper tuxedo and attending a public event at which I figured, having been famous for, like, 15 years, there would be many photographers, but I am shy! Please, no photos! Guys, stop! Life is so hard for me. I miss Joey and Lance. Chris and JC, not so much. I miss Top Ramen hair. Ugh. Everything’s the worst. Fame, you cruel and fickle mistress: WHY?!“- My Justin Timberlake impression. It’s a real hit at parties, just like today’s winning captions could be, should you choose to repeat them (and you should):

“Please guys get Miley off the stage, I can’t bear to look at her…..” – Rosie

“Wait! I wasn’t ready let me put my sexy on.” – Claudia

“Talk to the hand !!!” – Arlene

“No pictures, I’m naked from the waist down” – Rebecca

“Even my hands are talented” – Brittney

“It wasnt me on camera. I went. Bye Bye Bye” - Indola

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