Celebrities With Miley's Tongue and Other Funny Things

Celebrity Meme Roundup!
Some have called Miley Cyrus' recent performance at the MTV Video Music Awards "the gift that keeps on giving," but I think you'll find that most people simply refer to it — and the ongoing media circus — as "AGAIN WITH THIS GARBAGE?!" Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to control the tastes of the internet, I have little say in the matter. And the memes, they just keep a-comin'. But hey, at least they're pretty funny...

So yeah... here are a bunch of celebrities with Miley Cyrus' tongue. Because #TheInternet:

Speaking of Miley...

I now turn your attention to Tom Hanks' face on your favorite animal GIFs:

Are you ready to get nostalgic? Here are photos of celebrities posing next to their former selves... Oh, Miley, what happened?!

I leave you with a few entertaining videos to help you waste your afternoon away. First up, this guy's reenactment of Lady Gaga's "Applause" performance at the VMAs is KILLER:

And now for something completely different! Watch Whoopi Goldberg get interviewed by (arguably) the cutest cat on the world, Lil' Bub:

And finally, a new Nekci Menij spinoff aired today. And it is wonderful:

That's all the fun and funniness we can spare! Go out into the world now; live your life, and become a better person. JK PLEASE STAY PARKED AND CONTINUE READING ARTICLES ON CELEBUZZ DOT COM KTHXBAI.



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