Jennifer Lopez Returning to ‘American Idol’ Because She Actually Missed It

While the rest of us are waiting patiently for American Idol to disappear forever, Jennifer Lopez on Wednesday told the press she’s returning to the formerly top-rated FOX program because she actually missed it.

“I love this show and I’m glad to be back,” the 44-year-old said (via PEOPLE). “Last year I went off and toured the whole world for the first time. It wasn’t the easiest thing to fit in this season of Idol, but I do love it so much … I did miss it.”

Lopez was a judge on the show for seasons 11 and 12, and was credited for helping to keep its ratings afloat following the high-profile departure of Simon Cowell. After she left, the show plummeted in the numbers, her replacements, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, fought like you-know-what, and still nobody can seem to remember who actually finished in the top 5. (Try me!)

But that’s okay, because Lopez — who will be seated alongside Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. when season 13 returns in January — says she isn’t interested in playing the numbers game.

“I don’t think about that kind of stuff so much,” she said. “I leave that worry to other people – I have enough worry of my own.”

In which case, welcome back.