Miley Cyrus Proudly Calls Paparazzi 'C*nts'

She really c*nt can't stop.

Miley Cyrus and her "Can't Be Tamed" attitude are making headlines again -- and no, it's not for twerking. On Thursday, the former Disney starlet proudly boasted on Twitter that she called a paparazzo "a c*nt" that day, writing:

"Just called this paparazzi a C*NT. So before he makes breaking ‘news’ out if it. Ill just say it. Ha-Ha #C*NT."
(Please note that there were not asterisks involved in the 20-year-old's version, because, she's just being Miley.)

The songstress was subsequently met with an onslaught of backlash for using such language in front of her 13.6 million followers.

However, all of this hub-bub probably won't phase the young singer. After all, her mantra is "It's my mouth, I can say what I want to."

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  • Katherine Marion
    Katherine Marion

    I think she just needs to grow up. She so badly wants to no longer be the little Hannah Montana star but this is no way to go about that

  • Monique Fougere
    Monique Fougere

    I think we've all seen this b4 with more bigger celebs. Sorry Miley, but been there, done that sort of thing and it doesn't look rite on u nor does it look good! What must your parents think? Your EX Disney fans? Do u even care?

  • loveiansomerhalder

    Someone stop her from acting stupid. She is acting like she has a low IQ

  • Tricia Ann
    Tricia Ann

    she is the next lindsay

  • repeter

    It takes one to know one.