Photo Shows Charred Remains of Liam Payne’s Apartment Balcony

Celebuzz has the first picture of the damage done to the balcony at Liam Payne’s London apartment, after catching fire Monday.

Payne had friends over to celebrate his birthday, but when one tried to refuel an outdoor heater, it caught fire. The flame burned three of his friends, one seriously, and, as you can see, did considerable damage to the apartment’s balcony.

This photo shows the damage done to the balcony at Liam Payne's London apartment, after an outdoor heater caught fire on September 2, 2013.

Payne was in the kitchen at the time the fire broke out and uninjured. Though the balcony looks badly burned, the fire was contained quickly and the inside of Payne’s Canary Wharf apartment was not damaged.

UPDATE: Daisie Smith, the girlfriend of Andy Samuels, the man who was badly burned in the fire, has taken to Twitter, saying that he is now out of intensive care.