Speak Up, Let Your Adam Levine Captions Be Heard!

Dear Readers,

I write to you today about a serious issue affecting nearly one musician(s). That issue is Musically Gifted Persons Who Are Ironically Hard of Hearing (MGPWAIHOH). Say it with me now: MGPWAIHOH. Take Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who can only kinda-sorta hear the songs he is singing. Are they good? Are they garbage? He may never know; therefore, the question of “Is Maroon 5 Good at Music???” is yours to answer. The great news is that, even if you’re a MGPWAIHOH, you can still enjoy today’s winning captions:

“Someone Said ‘Naked Time'” – Jonathan

“Hear that ? The sound of millions of hearts breaking with my news of my engagement…………” – Sara

“Did someone say bingo ?” – Sharon

“Did I just hear you say I have to give up my bromance with Blake? Never!!” – John

“Somebody shut Miley up PLZ!! Can’t here myself!!!” – Terasa

“Ahh the sweet sound of millions of woman crying now I’m engaged.” – Pruzy

“yes, I’m getting my whole body tatoo’d up to here, hey, ya gotta draw a line somewhere!” – Beverly

“I can’t hear you, my swag is too loud…” - Hardeep

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