‘The Double’ Trailer: There Are Two Jesse Eisenbergs

What would the world be like with two Jesse Eisenbergs? We’re about to find out.

In the first trailer for The Double, he stars as Simon, a isolated introvert who starts to go mad after he meets his doppelgänger, James. Simon is left to contend with this look-a-like who is, in fact, his opposite — more charming, confident and can-do than himself — in his daily life.

The trailer is odd and ominous all at once: footage of paranoid-looking Eisenberg, wearing an ill-fitted suit, walking quickly, is spliced with shots of him avoiding James. Then they stand together, side-by-side, and size each other up.

Loosely based on a novella by Fyoder Dostoyevsky, The Double is directed and written (with co-write Avi Korine) by Richard Ayoade. Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn and Noah Taylor costar.

The film premieres this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival, but does not have a theatrical release date yet.

Watch the trailer, above.