Eminem Teased the ‘Berzerk’ Music Video Last Night, But You Should Also Watch His Awkward ESPN Interview

Apparently live TV freaks Eminem out.

That’s what the rapper said when he stopped by the ESPN booth on Saturday night, near the end of the halftime of the Michigan-Notre Dame college football game.

Besides asking broadcaster Brent Musberger to repeat one of his questions, Marshall Mathers also delivered awkward stares during the telecast. 

Kudos to the broadcasters for being good sports. Things picked up near the end of the chat, when Musberger asked Eminem to predict the Detroit Lions’ first game of the season on Sunday. (FYI: Eminem’s a huge Lions fan).

Oh and here’s a bit of the “Berzerk” music video. The full clip premieres on Monday. (Hi, Rick Rubin).

Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.

MMLP2 drops Nov. 5.