Sharon Osbourne Admits to Past Fling With Jay Leno

Talk about TMI.

Sharon Osbourne dropped quite a bombshell this week on her CBS talk show, The Talk, when she revealed that she slept with Jay Leno before she got together with rocker and current husband, Ozzy Osbourne.

“One thing led to another,” she told her co-hosts. “He actually came to my house and met me, and then we had a little fling.”

“The fling was more fling for me than and not fling enough for him because a couple of months into it he brought around his real love of his life for me to meet.”

But don’t worry, Osbourne wasn’t hurt by the experience at all. Instead, she even got a free meal out of it only had praises for Leno’s now-wife Mavis, who married the late night comedian in 1980.

“She was lovely and took me to Fatburger and they showed me around town,” Osbourne recalled. “They were so kind to me and continued a friendship over the years.”

Well, it sure looks like everyone got their happy ending. No pun intended.