Throwback Move Winner Announced And New Dance Theme…Revealed

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This week’s champion of the Battle of the Year Make Your Move Sweepstakes and WINNER of $250 for the best throwback dance move is…


GEORGIE DE MATTOS! Way to throw it back, gurl!

So what’s the next theme, you ask?  Excellent question. It’s one of our favorites…


If your krumping puts Tommy the Klown to shame, SHOW US!  Why? Because you could get 250 bucks just for showing us your ballin’ krump dance moves. That’s why.

As always, here’s your easy peezy breakdown of how to win:

1. Create a video or take a photo using Instagram or Vine showing your ultimate KRUMP MOVES

2. Post the video or photo using the hashtag #BOTYDanceOff (Note: your account should be public so we can see it!)

3. Share your sweet moves on Twitter!

4. This third theme ends Sept. 15th, and we announce the winner on Monday, Sept. 16th AND announce the last dance theme!


Wanna see other awesome peeps busting sweet moves?  Head on over to our BOTY Headquarters, where we’re sharing YOUR photos and you can catch up oneverything YOU need to know about this year’s hottest dance flick! Don’t forget to follow @boty and @celebuzz for all the juicy deets!