James Franco: ‘I Wish I Was Gay’

James Franco is finally addressing those gay rumors — and frankly, he admits he welcomes them.

Speaking with The Daily Beast, the This Is the End actor says that he takes any questions swirling around his sexuality as a compliment.

I was like, ‘Great! Bring on the gay jokes!’ because these aren’t insults at all,” he tells the publication in reference to his recent Comedy Central roast. “I don’t even care if people think I’m gay, so it was like, ‘Awesome!’ I mean, I wish I was … I wish I was gay.”

“My relationship with my public image over the past four or five years has just become weirder and weirder, because I look at it and it’s me, and it’s not me, so if other people want to use that for their own purposes or needs, I’m fine with it.”

The actor, who played gay characters in both 2008’s Milk and 2010’s Howl, adds that he didn’t want any of his friends to hold back during his roast.

“I didn’t tell anyone that there was anything that’s out of bounds,” he says. “So if I look at that, it’s that people maybe think I’m gay, they didn’t like my performance at the Oscars, and they think I’m very into myself … and I squint a lot.”

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