Jason Sudeikis and Kirsten Dunst Team Up for ‘Sleeping With Other People’

Jason Sudeikis, cashing in on the success of We’re The Millers, is set to star in Sleeping With Other People, opposite professional email-sender Kirsten Dunst. The casting was announced Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival. The script is written by Leslye Headland.

The film’s plot, detailed succinctly by Variety, is as follows:

Sudeikis portrays a good-natured womanizer who befriends a remorseful serial cheater, played by Dunst.

And there you have it.

After both Horrible Bosses and We’re The Millers became surprise hits, Sudeikis looks to be R-rated comedies’ favorite leading man. Headland, who’s best known in the theater world for her cycle of plays based on each of the seven deadly sins, is as good a partner as any. Headland and Dunst previously teamed up in last year’s criminally under-appreciated Bachelorette.

Coming soon(ish) to a theater near you: Jason Sudeikis and Kirsten Dunst mackin’ on each other.