Kathy Griffin Calls Out Perez Hilton For 'Bullying' Lady Gaga: He's 'Using the Oldest Trick In The Book'

The feud between Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton has hit a milestone as now another celebrity has weighed in on the ongoing saga.

On Tuesday, comedienne Kathy Griffin launched into an online tirade accusing the blogger -- who previously swore he has turned a new leaf and stopped bullying the stars he writes about --  of "attacking" Gaga.

"Is @PerezHilton cyber bullying & trying 2 RUIN @LadyGaga (whos a FIERCE advocate 4 #LGBT rights) BC she doesnt wanna hang out w him anymore?" Griffin tweeted.

She then wrote on her Facebook:

Forgive me if I'm a little behind on this one but I've been touring like crazy and out of the country...why is the supposedly "I've stopped bullying" PerezHilton.com viciously attacking his old pal Lady Gaga on a daily basis? Didn't he try to do the same thing to Ke$ha? Did any of you see the scene in Ke$ha's MTV reality show where she breaks down in sobs after reading yet another vicious google alert at the hands of Perez Hilton?


This f***ing pisses me off so much...why declare war on Lady Gaga???...who in addition to...possessing an actual skill set, you know...singing, dancing, writing songs...is a fierce advocate for the LGBTQIA community on a VERY HIGH level! Why is he using the oldest trick in the book and trying to pit women against each other? Lady Gaga's Applause "vs" Katy Perry's Roar. Who gives a f***? They are BOTH catchy songs.

However, Perez was quick to respond to the accusations, insisting that he has never bullied the "Applause" singer but merely pointed out her chart rankings and encouraged his followers to boycott Gaga's upcoming album, ARTPOP.  He wrote: Needless to say, the drama continues.

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  • Jonathan Molina
    Jonathan Molina

    Oh lord. Spare me with the "Bionic" theatrics. If an album is truly good

  • Trina Perry
    Trina Perry

    Perez is a joke. A very unfunny, and sad joke. His blog is BS as he has not only jumped the shark but is humping it, too. Lady Gaga should just ignore His Irrelevance. He shows his true colors (green:envy) every time he opens his nasty mouth.

  • Caroline Nyambura
    Caroline Nyambura

    Perez was used like the damn ass he is and now he's angry and bitter for it. he needs to grow up. Gaga is still #1 no matter what he does. He is irrelevant. No one is talking to him anymore! GAGA for life!

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Why is everyone making Lady Gaga out to be a poor, innocent victim? This woman is just as much of a snake as Perez Hilton. When she was BFF's with Perez, she agreed with him that Christina Aguilera was copying so that she could get famous. Read this for more information and please support #JusticeForBionic on 11.11.13 justiceforbionic.wordpress.com