Lamar Odom Sued By Paparazzo Claiming Assault

Lamar Odom’s week isn’t getting any better.

The NBA star was sued Tuesday to by paparazzo Stefan Saad who was allegedly assaulted July 10 after asking the former Clippers player, “Did you cheat on Khloé?”

According to E!, Saad alleges that after he posed the infidelity question involving his wife Khloe Kardashian, the 33-year-old got out of his car and hit the pap’s car with a metal rod, grabbed his camera, smashed it on the street, and drove off with it.

Saad further claims in an effort to “retrieve the tools of the trade” he followed Odom and saw him continue to smash his equipment on Hollywood Boulevard “in a display that can only be understood as having the intention to humiliate Mr. Saad,” per the court docs obtained by E!

At the time of the alleged incident, Kardashian tweeted support for her husband…


Which the suit cites as “blaming the victim.”

The lawsuit also claims Saad has “the onset of panic disorder” and suffers from panic attacks, and as a result is asking for compensatory damages of at least $500,000 for emotional distress, $50,000 for lost work and $15,000 to replace his equipment.

The L.A. city attorney, however, has decided not to press charges against Odom.