Countdown to the Emmys: What’s Your Favorite ’90s Sitcom?

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In anticipation of the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which air September 22 at 8 p.m. ET, we are launching a series of polls and other TV-related challenges. Return each day for a new Countdown to the Emmys event!

Ah, the ’90s. Everything was beautiful and perfect, and nobody was Instagramming photos of their dinner. It was a carefree time full of whimsy and fun and denim. And Mariah Carey. And dinosaurs. And really, really great Nickelodeon programming. The good TV wasn’t just on Nick, though; remember how good the network sitcoms were? (You can probably see where this is headed now.) After the jump, vote for ultimate — read: your favorite — ’90s sitcom.

Vote below for your favorite ’90s sitcom. If your favorite isn’t included in the poll, leave an angry comment telling us how ________  was better!


Roseanne aired for nine seasons (1988 – 1997) on ABC. It was celebrated for its depiction of a blue-collar family and the “not Hollywood beautiful” actors who portrayed the characters. It won a total of four Emmy Awards and received 25 nominations.


Seinfeld aired for nine seasons (1989 – 1998) on NBC and is, to this day, probably the most quotable TV comedy ever. (Seriously, do you know anyone who hasn’t made at least one Soup Nazi reference?) During its run, it won 10 of the 68 (!!!) Emmy Awards for which it was nominated.


Friends aired for 10 seasons (1994 – 2004) on NBC, and it was more than just a TV show; it was a bona fide phenomenon. (It still is, in fact. Have you been to the NBC store lately? Could there be any more Friends merchandise?) Most importantly, it gave us The RachelFriends was nominated for a total of 63 Emmys, and it won six.

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