Prince Harry Saw Prince George Smile (It Might Have Been Gas, Though)

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After taking part in BGC’s Charity Day and attending a requiem memorial for family friend, Hugh van Custem, Prince Harry attended the 2013 WellChild Awards at the Dorchester Hotel.

Harry became the first royal patron of the charity in 2007, which provides support and care for seriously ill children and those who look after them.

Harry spoke with some of the guests of honor, who were a smidge more behaved than last year’s crew.

Nine-year-old Nikki Christou told Harry that she shared the same birthday as Prince George.  Not only that, but her father’s name is George and her brother goes by Alexander, which is one of George’s middle names.

Harry listened attentively.

“Wow.  Very, very weird,” he said to Nikki.  “I’ve just literally seen him. Normally when I see him he’s either sleeping or crying but I’ve just seen him smile. It was the first time I’ve seen him smile.”

Harry has been preparing for Walking With The Wounded’s South Pole Challenge, which kicks off in November.  On September 17th, the Prince will take part in a 24-hour Cold Chamber training exercise with Team UK.