This Hour by Hour Recap of Lauren Conrad’s Day is Us Weekly’s Strangest Exclusive Yet

Us Weekly’s latest big HOT EXCLUSIVE isn’t about Jordana Brewster’s baby or Zoe Saldana’s secret wedding (though those things did happen), but instead it’s a page ripped out of some random twentysomething’s planner. And it’s not even an especially exciting twentysomething, it’s just a girl with a job, dogs and a boyfriend. Oh yes, she also was once on a reality show and her name is Lauren Conrad.

There’s no apparent reason why this story is an exclusive, except that no one else thought to ask Lauren Conrad what she did last Tuesday. There aren’t any juicy scoops about LC’s life, except that Lauren Conrad has a job that she does and also eats food.

Her day begins.

8 am: Wake up!

Conrad spends the rest of her morning doing mostly managerial tasks and also she puts on clothes.

10 – 10:45: Get ready for the day. (Shower, hair, makeup, get dressed…)

She then spends fifteen minutes going over closet renovations with her contractor: “Renovations!!! Let’s hope it’s all worth it!” Our fingers are crossed.

After some more work in the afternoon, Conrad goes on a shopping spree.

4 – 4:45: Stop by the market to get food for dinner. (I had to go to two stores though because the first was out of Burrata cheese.)

Lauren Conrad will stop at nothing to get her hands on some burrata cheese. But what will she do with this cheese?

6 – 6:45: Cook dinner. (Chicken in an artichoke heart and white whine [sic] sauce over gluten free pasta paired with my favorite salad, arugula and parmesan cheese dressed with lemon juice, and a side of heirloom tomatoes and burrata cheese.)

And just as her day began (at 8), it ends.

8: Take the dogs for a walk.

Conrad does a good job throughout her day inserting plugs for her various business ventures: a shoe line at Kohls, her blog, Malibu rum. Despite this very average day, Us is sure to remind us that “Conrad isn’t all work and no play.”

We’ll have to take your word for it.