Today’s Winning Beyoncé and Jay Z Captions Are Works of Art

Take a walk with me, dear readers, down the corridors of Celebuzz’s world-renowned Muséum of ARTPOP Pop Art. You may recognize this painting, Américan G.O.A.T.hic, from your Art Herstory 101 texts. The painting depicts Beyoncé and Jay Z, both friends of the artist, Sasha B. Fierce. Sasha is best known for her iconic religious works, but she has also achieved considerable success in the secular art world. This painting truly is, if you’ll forgive the editorializing, one of the most magnificent works of art in our display. The other works of art are, of course, today’s winning captions:

“The years after the music biz were rough” – Nikki

“all that work in the industry and I gotta pick my own hay…” – Angie

“hey b, lets do a remix of crazy in love and call it crazy in amish paradise.” – Marisa

“we gave up music for this?” – Rose

“How many jiggawats to get us back to the future? …… Now damnit!” – Penny

“I done went n put a rang on ‘at!!” – Rhonda

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Image Source: Carter Family Portraits