Here Is Jimmy Fallon’s Funny ‘Breaking Bad’ Parody

After much anticipation, Jimmy Fallon has unveiled his Breaking Bad parody: Joking Bad.

It stars Jimmy as Walter White, in a bad cap, beard and glasses, and Steve Higgins as Jesse Pinkman, in baggy sweatshirt and beanie. But they’re not cooking meth — they’re “moving” jokes on the black market.

It’s 13 minutes and includes the infamous tighty-whities, the roof pizza, a bucket of “Los Pollos Humanos” chicken, and that eerie pink teddy bear. Higgins says “bitch,” a lot, and there’s even a sly reference to sociopath Mexican meth kingpin Tuco Salamanca’s “tight, tight, tight.”

The cast of the show makes cameos: Bob Odenkirk (Saul, who just got a spinoff) is Jimmy’s agent, while Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul appear in the audience to boo Jimmy.

You can watch the hilarity, above.