Lauren Silverman’s Mom ‘Thrilled’ To Welcome Simon Cowell and Grandson To The Family

Simon Cowell may get the final word on The X Factor, but in a twist, this TV judge is now the one being judged… and he’s getting two thumbs up from his baby mama’s mama.

Lauren Silverman’s mother Carole Saland couldn’t be more excited that her daughter is expanding the family with a new baby boy and beau by her side.

“We are very happy with everything and we’re all doing well,” she gushed to Celebuzz. “Everything is wonderful and we’re very thrilled.”

Saland pointed out the mixed reactions in the press to the perpetual bachelor’s surprise baby news with the then-married New York socialite, which created a few dramatic, and often negative, headlines.

“Considering the press has not been very favorable lately I do appreciate all the well wishes,” she said.

“I’m in New York right now visiting my grandson and my daughter and we’re very happy.

And she plans to be the doting grandmother: “I’m very active in both my daughters lives,” Saland added.

So now that the media storm has finally calmed down and Cowell and his lady love are taking their affection public, there’s plenty to plan — including the baby shower. But they’ve got that covered.

“I’m sure her sister is going to plan for that,” she added.

Even the 53-year-old first time dad-to-be has broken his silence and is looking forward to the pitter patter of little feet: “…Everything’s kind of calm now and I’m happy,” he told Ellen DeGeneres. “In fact, I’m actually happier than I’ve ever been.”