Meet Your New Boyfriend, Ansel Elgort

He’s hot.  He’s sexy.  You have absolutely no CLUE who he is.

He’s Ansel Elgort and he’s about to star in three of the HUGEST movies coming out in 2013 and 2014.  Soak in Ansel’s Nordic good looks above, then click on through to see what big movies this breakout star has lined up for the year ahead!


Ansel is a high school stud with a bit of an attitude problem in Carrie – a movie we’re beyond psyched for thanks to the presence of our girl Chloe Grace Moretz – THE coolest 16 year old on the planet, playing a “kick-ass” anti-heroine who everybody who ever had a crappy time in HS is going to love.  You MUST go see Carrie when it opens in theaters everywhere October 18th.


You’re going to have to check Ansel out in his role as Caleb Prior – a handsome young hero standing up for his people in a scary future version of Chicago where society is warring factions – and everyone has to choose their path…or fight to survive.

How big is Divergent going to be?  With millions of books sold – and a WAY loyal fan base, this could be the first movie that ACTUALLY has the right to be called the next Hunger Games.


The book had us weeping openly, so we’re stocking up on Kleenex for the movie adaptation of this best-selling novel about a young woman with cancer who gets involved in a magical relationship with a boy named Augustus.  He’s handsome. Incredibly Charming. And 100% Elgort.