Comment Buzz: The Week’s Best Reader Comments About — What Else! — Miley Cyrus

The first several drafts of this week’s CommentBuzz — the weekly feature in which I round up the best comments y’all have left on your favorite stories — looked a little something like this: ALL MILEY AND NO OTHERS MAKE ME A DULL BOY ALL COMMENTS AND ALL MILEY MAKE ME A CRAZY BOY ALL HAMMERS AND ALL LICKING MAKE ME A CONFUSED BOY ALL MILEY ALL HAMMERS ALL NAKED WHAT IS HAPPENING. Eventually, I managed to pull it together.

It’s Miley’s world — we’re just living in it — so of course the premiere of her new “Wrecking Ball” video elicited many, many reactions:

“Just distracted by all the spit in her mouth… need to swallow before you open yr mouth…” – Paureta

“I think she looks great, and the song is pretty darn catchy, just close your eyes and enjoy the music, who the hell watches MUSIC VIDEOS anymore anyways? They sure as sh**don’t show them on MUSIC TV…pieces of dog feces, yeah, I’d rather watch a bunch of teenage mother’s, whose situations can somehow be attributed to what the fu** Miley Cyrus does! Well, job well done Miley, everyone is talking about you! Good or Bad, we’re all intrigued, hook, line, sinker!!!” – David

“OMG WHAT THE WHAT IS SHE THINKING SHE IS NOT OR EVER WILL BE Rihanna or Pink and they are more adult then she will ever be. Sorry to say but she will never have any respect from anyone, Childern and parents everywhere will not want to allow them to watch her or buy her music now. So she needs to get her head screwed on straight. Her parents need to step up and say something about the sh*t she is doing.” – Sherry

“Hate to admit this but it’s not a bad song or video, agree that licking the sledge hammer was unnecessary. Maybe a little redemption for the twerking on the VMA’s, at least this was artistic when that was raunchy.” – Kimberly

“It’s obvious who that song is about, until she started licking the hammer (Thor?) Wrong brother, Miley.” – bitchy

“I love it, it’s a great song with strong message. Miley is beautiful and expresses the song awesomely!!” – Evie

“I think it is simple and pure … Plus she is beautiful and it is matching the song …” – Nicole

“The video I get is emotionally raw but licking the sledge hammer just ruined the whole thing for me.” – karategirl123

“I love your comment about “The song is very emotional and raw, her nudity is just an extension of that vulnerability.” I wish you had expounded upon that. I think you’re right and she was in a way trying to show that but I also thing she’s going through a really hard time and she’s struggling to express herself. When she and Nick broke up she went through a less dramatic version of this. I’m hoping to see her healthy and happy – whatever that entails – again soon” – tessanewberry

“I watched Miley’s video thinking her she goes again. And wondering why she wants to be so trashy now. Then after i watched it i thought i like the song & she was naked but the song with that video made sense & i liked it! We have all had those vulnerable moments when we put our selfs out there completely & was hurt. Good job Miley! Great song!” – Kim

I think we’ve entered the “backlash against the backlash” stage of Miley Mania, though, as evidenced by your responses to Shenae Grimes’ call for Miley to “put some clothes on”:

“Holy crap get over it she’s not showing anything distastefully there’s no nips of V showing. I love the song and the more I watch the video the more I see the creativity and meaning behind it. The target audience has clearly changed and if you don’t want your kids watching then be a bloody adult and stop them it’s not that hard just put on parental controls or something. Its not her fault your kids are watching.” – Victoria

“The girl is 20, rich and having the time of her life. She’s just being Miley, no hug required. Lets all stop acting so fucking perfect, PLEASE!!!” – Adamah

In news that is not about Miley (YAY!), the Lady Gaga vs. Perez Hilton battle boiled up again when comedian Kathy Griffin weighed in:

“Perez was used like the damn ass he is and now he’s angry and bitter for it. he needs to grow up. Gaga is still #1 no matter what he does. He is irrelevant. No one is talking to him anymore! GAGA for life!” – Caroline

“Perez is a joke. A very unfunny, and sad joke. His blog is BS as he has not only jumped the shark but is humping it, too. Lady Gaga should just ignore His Irrelevance. He shows his true colors (green:envy) every time he opens his nasty mouth.” – Trina

“Why is everyone making Lady Gaga out to be a poor, innocent victim? This woman is just as much of a snake as Perez Hilton. When she was BFF’s with Perez, she agreed with him that Christina Aguilera was copying so that she could get famous. Read this for more information and please support #JusticeForBionic on 11.11.13 ” – John

Speaking of Gaga, did she record a duet with Rihanna? The rumor mill went crazy, and so did fans:

“I think Rihanna & Gaga would be perfect collaboration partners,both have a wealth of talent and the chops and sex appeal to sell it!!!” – Emmett

Lastly, AMC canceled The Killing (again), and we are not happy:

“AMC…..give me a BREAK! The Killing is Awesome! Come on…..make the 4th season the last at least. It’s bad enough STARZ canceled Magic City on me, now this? UGH.” – Erica

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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