Dayton TV Station Apologizes for Asking Julie Chen to Look Less Asian

Julie Chen Eye Surgery
Because "your local news leader (no Asians allowed)" isn't the catchiest on-air slogan, WDTN in Dayton, Ohio has issued an apology to Julie Chen. Chen revealed earlier this week that she had plastic surgery years ago, after she was told she would never be an anchor at the station because of her "Asian eyes."

Here is the station's full apology, issued by WDTN's president and general manager Joe Abouzeid.

We are sorry to hear about what happened to CBS’ Julie Chen in 1995 when she was a reporter at WDTN-TV. The station was under different management and ownership during that time. At WDTN and WBDT, we don’t tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind.
WDTN is currently owned by LIN Media, it was owned by the Hearst Corporation when Chen was employed there.

You can watch Chen discussing her decision to have the surgery here and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.



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  • angelm38

    i was going to say.....I thought she had alot of white blood in her...but, now i see what she did....must say alot of work nose, eyes, mouth etc...and to say it did work her career went better looking more white.....

  • Doracus Salamon
    Doracus Salamon

    And her nose..she had a lot of work done to look more mainstream...sadly that is what it is like ...even to this day...