Miley Cyrus Is Brunette Again

It’s no Beyonce pixie cut, but Miley Cyrus’ new hairstyle is still work a double take. 

This week, the 20-year-old superstar stepped out in Paris with darker locks.

And for some lucky Parisian Smilers, Cyrus the brunette was kind enough to pose for some photos (tongue wagging included).

Here’s a fan video:

In other Miley news, the “Wrecking Ball” singer recently sat down with the U.K. talk show “Alan Carr’s Chatty Mann” to talk about her new collaboration with Britney Spears.

It’s a fast one, it’s got to be! It’s Britney b**ch!” Cyrus says of “SMS (Bangerz).” “She’s got one of those voices that as soon as it comes on everyone in the world knows it’s Britney Spears, and that’s what I wanted.” [via Capital FM]

“There’s just a whole vibe that’s around Britney Spears and what she represented, it’s like too crazy.”

Bangerz arrives in stores Oct. 8.

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