‘Your Joke is That I’m Still Alive’: Sarah Silverman Responds to Ageist Roast Jokes

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Sarah Silverman was a guest on Totally Biased Thursday night. While she was there, conversation turned to the recent roast of James Franco. Much has been said about the plethora of gay jokes slung at Franco, but no one has really talked about the ageist jokes hurled at Silverman. Until now.

“Your joke is that I’m still alive,” Silverman told host W. Kamau Bell. “My crime is not dying.”

During the roast, fellow roasters repeatedly took Silverman to task for her age — Silverman is an impossibly young-looking 42. For instance, Jonah Hill joked that Silverman was his “favorite comic as a kid.” Silverman admit that she spent two days in bed following the roast, but she went on to make an salient point:

A woman gets to an age where she has opinions and she’s vital and she’s strong, she’s systematically shamed into hiding under a rock. And this is by progressive pop culture people! You know what I mean? It’s really odd.