Cecily Strong is Your New ‘Weekend Update’ Anchor

With less than two weeks until Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, Lorne Michaels, the man behind the curtain, has confirmed that Cecily Strong will be the new anchor on Weekend Update, replacing Seth Meyers when he leaves the show in February.

Strong is a relative newcomer to SNL, last season was her first on the show.

“Cecily, from the first show, was right there,” Michaels told the New York Times. “She exploded.”

On this season’s first episode, hosted by Tina Fey, Strong and Meyers will co-host Weekend Update. Once Meyers leaves to start his new job as a late night host, Strong will host the segment solo. However, Michaels says he hopes that Meyers will finish the full season at the Update desk, noting that his late night show will only air Monday-Thursday.

The dual anchor format is a return to form, Weekend Update has only had once host since Amy Poehler left the show in 2009.

Meyers has previously praised Strong. “For her to have the kind of season she had the year after [Kristen] Wiig left is that thing that makes you confident going into this next season of transition that there’s always someone who shows up and does things you’ve never seen anyone on the show do,” he said last month. “Her natural ability has kind of blown everybody away,” he added.

Strong is best known on the show for her recurring roles as The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At A Party and the nameless ex-porn star who, along with her friend Brookie, self-produces commercials.

Unfortunately, Strong’s promotion to Update anchor means we won’t be seeing any more of The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With At A Party. As for what happened to her, Meyers and Strong have some theories:

SNL is in for some major change this season, in addition to Meyers, veterans Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are all leaving. SNL is expected to officially announce its new cast members Monday, though Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney, Brooks Wheelan, John MilhiserNoël Wells and SNL writer Mike O’Brien have all been widely reported as the show’s newest stars.