‘Glee’ Season 5 Premiere Spoiler: Love Is In The Air At McKinley High

The first episode of Glee’s upcoming season is titled “Love Love Love,” so it’s only fair that at least one person from McKinley High brings that theme to life.

Over the weekend, a clip from the Beatles-themed premiere episode surfaced – and we’ve got it after the jump.

If you want to be surprised, do not pass GO and return to your regular Sunday programming.

Otherwise, here’s the clip. We’re so glad to see these smiling faces:

The season will continue with a second Beatles-themed episode called “Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” (nice one, Ryan Murphy), before airing a tribute episode to the late Cory Monteith on Oct. 10.

Glee season 5 premieres on FOX Sept. 26.

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