Britney Spears Will Make $15 Million a Year in Vegas

Hey guys! Were you all as worried about Britney Spears’ financial stability as I was? What with all the platinum albums and Pepsi endorsements, I mean, frapuccinos aren’t cheap. But we can all calm down because dear old Britney From The Block is about to make almost $30 million in the next two years, which should just about cover all those Starbucks runs and also everything else she’ll ever need.

TMZ has details from Spears’ contract to do her not-yet-announced Planet Hollywood show, the worst kept secret in Vegas. It’s a two-year deal to do 48 shows per year. For each performance, Spears will make $310,000. Pull out your calculator real quick, carry the two and, yep, Britney Spears is real rich.

Again, none of this is exactly confirmed, but Spears is due to make an appearance on Good Morning America tomorrow where she’ll make some sort of an announcement about the show or an album or whatever it is she wants to talk about. She’ll also probably play us her new song, “Work Bitch,” which she released over the weekend.