Please Enjoy This Photo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt Holding a Kitten (and Today’s Winning Captions)

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We’ve had some great Caption Contest photos in the past, but let’s be real here: this photo of Joseph Gordon-Levittstealing holding an itty-bitty kitty is probably our finest ever. So, enjoy that, folks. You’re very welcome. (FYI, this is me right now.) Please also enjoy today’s equally fine winning captions.

“No one puts kitty in a corner…NO ONE!!” – Tara

“Real men love pussy-cats….” – Karen

“Must protect the new Batman” – Blue

“i shud of put the cat down before i sat on the toilet” – Jade

“10 Things I LOVE about this…” – Bekki

“Oh your kitten is missing? No I haven’t seen her.” – Nicole

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Image Source:Out Magazine