Azealia Banks Accuses Lady Gaga of Stealing Her Stuff Again

Azealia Banks has unfinished business with Lady Gaga.

Reigniting her beef with the “Applause” crooner, Banks has launched claims that Gaga stole “Red Flame” — a song allegedly off her forthcoming album ARTPOP — from a demo she sent her, which was meant to be a collaboration between the two.

The rapper wrote on her Twitter Monday night:

Despite acting like it wasn’t a big deal, Banks then pulled a Perez Hilton and tweeted, “Team Katy.”

The duo reportedly did collaborate on a track earlier this year, but the Mother Monster later confirmed that it was cut from ARTPOP.

Earlier this year, Banks accused Gaga of copying her mermaid-inspired look, claiming that it “all looks soo [sic] familiar.”