Do You Care If Miley Cyrus Lives Or Dies?

Yesterday, Sir Elton John spoke candidly and harshly about Lady Gaga's and Miley Cyrus' current stations in the pop music world, implying that both were becoming subsumed by their personas. Gaga's career, he said, is in a "dangerous place" right now and Miley is a "meltdown waiting to happen." But Miley is more doomed.

Miley's recent antics at the VMA's have upset Elton John enough to where he haphazardly compares Miley's trajectory to that of Lindsay Lohan and Michael Jackson, adding that her recent notoriety pumping her backside against Robin Thicke's genital area only exacerbates the problem. Simply put: Here is a ledge. Here is Miley on the ledge. Here is "Wrecking Ball" whooshing towards number one. There goes Miley headfirst off the ledge. Glitter splashed the sidewalk.

And you, her fans, are partially to blame for this inevitable outcome unless you make a concerted effort to make her less popular than she is right now.

So if you do care about Miley Cyrus's current mental state and her prolonged future on this earth as a functional adult take that into consideration before you download her music, attend her concerts, or sustain your idol worship. Otherwise, you might find your heroine protecting small dogs from phantoms and setting fires in a driveway.

Or you can just let her be 20-years-old and figure this out all on her own. The choice is yours, black sheep.



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  • Callum Harvie
    Callum Harvie

    Celebuzz your website is shit i hope the people who write these articles drops dead as for the rest of u i hope u get cancer and have a slow and Painful death

  • Callum Harvie
    Callum Harvie

    I do care please don't die

  • killaqueen

    I joined this website just to

  • Christina Rivas
  • Emily Morgan
    Emily Morgan

    I understand that they are celebrities and you can write what ever you want but this is a terrible article and honestly I'm done with your site. I dont know what changed over the past few months but Celebuzz has gotten down right nasty and just awful. Even worse than PerezHilton.

  • marshal

    she's dead n gone, so face it u assholes do u care?

  • Katy Baisden
    Katy Baisden

    WTF? What the hell kind of article is this? Ya'll cray cray.

  • Bob Thickman
    Bob Thickman

    Are you for real, you are trying to ruin her career (which is something you do not have the power to do)because you do not like how she is acting on stage. Really, for a group that posts BS most of the time... what you have succeeded in doing is losing my subscription.. bye bye..

  • Brian Chaney
    Brian Chaney

    Ok, I'm sorry but this is pushing it way to far. This website has been bashing Miley ever since the VMAs. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. but to sit here and ask people if they care if miley lives or dies? Disgusting.