Penis Bongs and Brad Pitt Fantasies: 12 Best Revelations From Madonna’s Reddit AMA

Things just got real.

For those unfamiliar with Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything,” it’s basically a live event held on the social networking site where famous people answer questions about, well, anything. As virtual space where almost nothing is censored, some stars choose to ignore controversial topics, while others simply take the time call people bitches. Either way, it’s pretty great.

So, it’s then no surprise that when Madonna hopped onto the website for her AMA Monday, amazing things happened.

Here are some of the Madgic revelations Madonna revealed about herself during that fateful talk.

1. She doesn’t mind calling Snoop Dogg Lion out.

2. Madonna still hate hydrangeas.

3. She loves Reddit.

4. She’s actually a gay man.

5. Daft Punk is kind of snubbing her at the moment.

6. Madonna is merciful.

7. She has naughty drug paraphernalia.

8. She dreams about Brad Pitt.

9. She finds it humorous that she’s dreaming about Brad Pitt.

10. She may have a little crush on Frank Ocean.

11. She’s made out in grills before.

12. Being a mom is her No. 1 priority.

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