Prince Harry Freezes His Royal Butt Off

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To prepare for Walking With The Wounded‘s South Pole challenge, Prince Harry joined his UK team inside a cold chamber designed to simulate Antarctic weather.

The team spent 24 hours in the chamber, which included exercises to prepare each member for their journey.  Dressed in head-to-toe cold weather gear, the team was required to use stationary bikes and elliptical machines for two hours at a time, with ten minute breaks.  This recreated the physical exertion they would endure while pulling their sleds and supplies across the continent.

When asked what the worst part of the overnight was, Harry joked: “Going in.”

The prince’s four teammates are all wounded veterans, having sustained amputations during active duty.  They will compete against other Commonwealth realms and the United States in a race to raise money for Walking With The Wounded, which works to rehabilitate wounded servicemen and women.

The 200-mile challenge kicks off in November.