The 14 Strangest Tweets by Jaden Smith: America’s Youngest Crazy Old Man

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Someday there will be entire books dedicated to Jaden Smith‘s crazy. Temples will be erected and, underneath, bald-headed monks will scribble furiously in underground libraries, as they try to unlock the secrets of “multidimensional mathematical.” EpiPens will be a thing of the past, as we’ll have all been taught the Jaden Method, in which one manipulates “a certain frequency of the atoms and electrons” to avoid bee stings. The masses will shop at Cartier “like, every weekend.” Seasons will come and go. Kingdoms will rise and fall. The Prophecies of Jaden Smith will remain.

For now, all we have is his Twitter account.

Despite what he says, Jaden, himself, stands as the best reminder why schooling is important. He has misused the words “their,” “there” and, strangely enough, “begging.”

You’ve got that right.