Did Janice Dickinson Pull A Teresa Giudice?

Janice Dickinson meet Teresa Giudice.

One pissed off bank seems to think these two may have a lot more in common than just train wreck reality shows.

City National Bank isn’t quite buying what the plastic surgery-addicted TV star is selling… on paper at least.

The thing is, Dickinson owes the bank $300,000 big ones after it sued her in 2009 for not paying all the overdrafts in her checking account — and they won a judgment.

So she supposedly agreed to a short-term promissory note based on the fact that she had future work to pay back her debt.

Well, she wants to get that six-figure sum discharged (along with many more creditors where that came from) when she filed for personal bankruptcy in March citing $1 million in debt (and a mere $5,000 in clothing and $1,000 in jewelry to her name, not including her $19K engagement ring).

Not so fast.

The bank filed a strongly-worded objection in June urging the L.A. court to completely deny the former America’s Next Top Model judge’s bankruptcy discharge claiming that she “engaged in a scheme to conceal all of her income in an account not disclosed in her bankruptcy schedules” and “knowingly and fraudulently made the false oaths.”

Well, that doesn’t sound good.

In the court docs, the bank isn’t holding back when calling her out, stating that the self-professed “world’s first supermodel” testified “that her bankruptcy was caused by the fact that she was a single mother raising two children and their fathers were deadbeat dads who never paid for anything… when in truth her now adult son was raised by his father since he was six years old. The father has sole physical custody of the son and paid for all his expenses including private school tuition.”

The bank also alleges the father of Dickinson’s daughter is actually sharing the cost of private school tuition, while the paternal grandmother is paying for her college tuition.

(Dickinson has a 26-year-old son Nathan with second hubby Simon Fields and 19-year-old daughter Savannah with ex-boyfriend Michael Birnbaum.)

Also, that she testified that her corporations had no value, when City National claims, they do.

Dickinson does actually list her income as zero for 2012 and 2013 in her bankruptcy petition, but she seems to have an answer for everything, including that she was not working on any “lucrative projects” at the time, according to her court response.

As for the promissory note, the former Celebrity Rehab 4 star has an answer for that, too: She “was addicted to drugs including alcohol contributing to possible unintentional errors in recalling specific details regarding the promissory note,” per the docs.

But she denies any deceit on her part, stating there was “no scheme of any sort to conceal anything.”

This could go to trial in January 2014.