Jon Gosselin Wants Lawsuit Filed By His Ex Thrown Out

Jon Gosselin Wants Lawsuit Dismissed
After years of on-camera bickering, Jon and Kate Gosselin are still going at it, even after their divorce.

The reality dad-turned-waiter is firing back at his ex, demanding that a Pennsylvania court dismiss the lawsuit brought against him, according to docs filed Wednesday and obtained by Celebuzz.

The former TV mom (and recently axed professional coupon clipper) claims in her suit filed in August that Jon not only stole her computer hard drive, but hacked into her cell phone to get juicy tidbits for the tell-all Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World released in 2012.

All of this was orchestrated by her ex house hubby along with his friend and business partner, tabloid writer Robert Hoffman, who wrote the book that she notes was yanked just two days after hitting the shelves because of the alleged falsely obtained info.

Well, in his motion to dismiss, Jon says he’s the one who actually purchased the computer in question when they were still Mr. and Mrs. in 2002 and it was used by the whole family (twins and sextuplets included) during their happier years on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

And when the mom -everyone-loves-to-hate filed for divorce in 2009, Jon moved out and (being the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that he is) stored the family pics, business contracts, etc. on DVDs, including a copy for his ex, and the failing hard drive was destroyed.

“Jonathan has not wrongfully access[ed] any computer, online accounts, or telephone belonging to Kate -- it is far more plausible that Kate herself threw out the DVDs in the trash,” as stated in the docs.

The court papers even go on to call Kate’s claims of identity theft, wiretapping and invasion of privacy “rationalization,” “conjecture” and “speculation.”

The father of eight’s legal team also finds it coincidental that her complaint was filed one month before her new cookbook is expected to hit stores on Sept. 24.

And the family feud continues...



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