Kate Moss Is Doing ‘Playboy’

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To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Playboy has booked Kate Moss for its January/February 2014 issue. The news was confirmed by Hugh Hefner‘s son Cooper who tweeted, “Kate Moss will be gracing the cover of our 60th anniversary issue this January. It’ll be a great issue.”

Certainly this isn’t Moss’ first time going nude for a photo shoot, but it is Moss’ first time in Playboy. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Playboy‘s editorial director called Moss the “perfect partner.”

“This is a massive global brand,” [Jimmy] Jellinek said of Playboy. “You need a global icon in order to celebrate that — that was the impetus. You’re talking about the face of Burberry, the biggest supermodel in the world on the cover of Playboy. She’s the perfect partner for us to help launch the next 60 years.”

Moss has already shot the cover, for which she dons the iconic bunny suit. A Playboy source tells us it was shot at the same manor used in Downton Abbey. Moss will reportedly appear fully nude in the pages of the magazine. The issue will be on (very progressive) newsstands this December.