Zac Efron’s 80-Year-Old Uncle Thinks Booze Is Worse Than Blow And Is Glad He’s Getting Help

Zac Efron’s recent stint in rehab may have shocked many of his fans, but it doesn’t come as a surprise to his Uncle Joe, who knew the High School Musical star was battling an addiction to alcohol.

“He’s a great fellow. I knew about it. I’m glad he came out and talked about it,” Joe Glidden told Celebuzz.

“Alcohol is a strange thing. It can really bite you.”

E! was the first report the news and spoke with the 25-year-old actor who said, “I’m good, real good.” The outlet also quoted a source: “He’s happy, healthy, and not drinking.” But over the last 24 hours, reports have run rampant about cocaine and the club drug Molly as the real reason behind his rehab stay five months ago.

Although Joe is unaware of any other substance abuse issues, alcohol is by far worse, in his opinion.

“Alcohol is worse than any of these drugs,” said Joe, who fondly remembers being invited to the set of Charlie St. Cloud in Vancouver, BC where his great nephew let him sit in the producer’s chair.

Joe’s niece (Zac’s mom Starla Baskett) confided the news months ago that her heartthrob son was going to seek treatment.

“His mother Starla is right there with him. They’re pretty close,” he said. “She grabbed a hold of that. She was on top of it. She’s right here with him all the way.

“It’s tough for someone like me to be involved as the uncle. I’m concerned. In my own thoughts I worried about him.

“The pressure is really on him. I couldn’t take all of that pressure and hype.”

“Being an alcoholic, it’s a disease. It could happen to anyone. That’s a problem a lot of people have,” added Joe.

“I’m glad he came out and got rid of the problem. I love him very much. I’m one of his fans.”